3 best hydrolats you must try! Why I love them?

Hydrolats appeared on my shelf some time ago. Previously, I’ve been using them only in the summertime, because they worked like a refreshing boost for the skin. They brought relief during prolonged exposure to the sun and perfectly moisturized the skin. But this is not the end of their miraculous properties. This is why I make sure to always have a selected face hydrolat present on my bathroom shelf all year round. I have 3 favorite and worth recommending hydrolats I’d like to tell you about today. I guarantee that you will love them too! What are hydrolats, how do they work on the skin? Why are they so important in caring? Let’s find out!

Hydrolats – the Korean secret of cleansed and nourished skin

Koreans love them and cannot imagine everyday care without them. No wonder – their skin care rituals are based primarily on thorough complexion cleansing. Do you know that Koreans hardly complain about problems with their skin? Acne, enlarged pores and a number of other imperfections simply do not happen to them. This is because they purify their complexion so thoroughly. Quick makeup removal? It’s not for them. Not without reason, both morning and evening care they call a ritual – rush is not indicated here, and all the steps of care are very precise. In addition to the micellar liquid and face cleansing gel, Koreans always reach for a selected hydrolat. It is much better than a toner because it is fully natural and extremely effective. Thanks to it, the skin becomes even more purified and nourished.

What is a face hydrolate?

Hydrolat is simply floral water that is a by-product during the distillation of a given plant. This process allows to obtain an essential oil, and the side effect of distillation is water, which – as it turns out – contains all the valuable properties of a given plant.

Hydrolat is an excellent substitute for toners because it doesn’t only tone the skin, but also thoroughly removes makeup residues, sebum and all impurities that could not be dealt with by a face wash gel or micellar water. In addition, the hydrolat often contains a number of vitamins, minerals, plant sterols – they all have nurturing, nourishing properties and improve the condition of the skin.

How do you use a face hydrolate?

Hydrolat is extremely easy to use. Most often it occurs in the form of mists, which should be sprayed onto the face. Do not wait until the hydrolat is completely dry on the skin – this can only make it dry faster.

Dampen the skin with a hydrolat, gently wipe the cosmetic pad to remove excess, and with it – also the residue of sebum, sweat, impurities, and toxins, which your micellar liquid or face wash gel could not cope with.

My 3 favorite face hydrolat

1. Rose hydrolat

Girls, this is an absolute cosmetic hit. Rose hydrolat perfectly tones the complexion, improves its color, seals the walls of blood vessels, perfectly moisturizes and soothes all irritations. In addition, it gently cares for all skin types, including those with a tendency to acne or irritation. Thanks to it the skin gains a nice color, it is fresh and radiant. If you want to buy a good rose hydrolate – trust those that are produced in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. That’s the area where the best rose hydrolats, derived from a special variety of Damascus rose, come from

2. Lavender hydrolat

Perfect for oily and acne skin. Lavender smells beautifully, soothes all irritations and calms the skin, heals acne, prevents scarring and discoloration on the skin. I love to use it in the evening, thanks to this, after waking up in the morning, I can feel that my skin is fresh, well nourished and regenerated. Lavender hydrolat is also famous for its antioxidant properties.

3. Neroli hydrolat (orange flowers)

It is a hydrolat with a pleasant aroma that has strong soothing and calming properties. In addition, it perfectly softens the epidermis, makes it elastic and improves radiance. It’s ideally suited for dull and tired skin, prevents the appearance of dark spots on the skin, gently brightens it. The neroli hydrolate also has a rejuvenating effect: it prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and additionally regulates the level of sebum and acts antibacterial, so those of you who struggle with a light form of acne can reach for it.

Do you use face hydrolats? Do you have any worth recommending ones? Please let me know in the comments 🙂

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