Attractive eyelashes as a the feature of femininity

Do you know what is one of the greatest weapons of femininity? Probably most of you will think about a beautiful silhouette, large breasts or long legs. The real power of femininity is the look. Long and beautiful eyelashes were are, and will be the biggest asset of the greatest icons of femininity, among them one cannot omit Marilyn Monroe and many other beauty whose hallmark was just the lashes. Do you want to seduce with a look? Read our consumer reports on one of the nutrients, so that you can have a beautiful, natural eyelashes too.

Eyelashes are…

Women dream about having beautiful lashes. Therefore, they use all sorts of ways to make their eyelashes look beautiful and not only by using good mascara. But before we find the perfect way to make our eyelashes become the object of desire of all our friends, we should take a look at some information on what our eyelashes are and why we have them at all.

lash INFO:

The eyelashes are a type of short hair growing both out of the lower and upper eyelids. Hair forming lashes are in fact the same kind of hair we have on the hands or feet. However, they are much shorter. The task of the eyelashes is to protect the delicate eye from contamination from the outside. If we close our eye, sand or other debris will be retained by the lashes.

In the lower eyelid there is significantly less eyelashes than in the upper lashes, you cannot miss that. Number of lashes on one eyelid and the second ranges from 200 to 250 lashes. Life of the individual hairs lasts several months. After this time they naturally fall in order to make room for the new ones that grow in a few days. This happens in natural situations. It is possible, however, that the eyelashes for some reason are getting weaker causing excessive problems also and as a result, they are falling out.

Doll-like eyelashes

Each of us can have long and thick hair. Unfortunately we have to understand that if we want the effects of our actions to be visible immediately, they will not look natural and our eyelashes may require certain amendments .

Long eyelashes in a few minutes – this effect is obtained by visiting the salon. Indeed, after just a few minutes our eyelashes will become significantly longer than they were before. How is this possible ? The beautician sticks single pieces of hair to our natural lashes using a special glue. As a result, we can extend them up to a few millimeters. However, do not overdo it , because the effect will not be natural . It is also worth noting that the lashes that even before the procedure were weakened, may begin to fall out because of the extensions. This method is therefore not suitable for everyone. In time, it will be necessary to improve the effects for them to continue, because the glue used to mount them loses its properties over time.

Thick lashes we can have even today due to visit at the beauty salon. Similarly the procedure is performed using special glue which is adhered to the lid tufts of bristles. The effect of such a treatment is usually a bit more natural than it is the case for extensions. Unfortunately, similar to the previously described procedure, the eyelashes will require amendments. The adhesive used for attaching the patches of hair, loses its strength and lashes start to fall out.

Natural eyelashes are the most beautiful
Fortunately, these treatments are not the only way to improve the condition of your lashes. However, we need to equip ourselves with a bit of patience, which will pay off, because it gives us the ability to have natural lashes that will not require continual upgrading.

This effect is obtained by using the nutrients for the lashes. One of them, which enjoys a very good opinion is Nanolash. Using it regularly after a few weeks we can expect results visible to the naked eye. Our eyelashes will become longer, more shiny and thicker. Of course we cannot expect a spectacular change in a few days after the application of nutrients, there will be a spectacular change. It takes time for eyelashes to regenerate

Below there is one opinion about the eyelash serum:

Nancy 23 “I’ve always been told that I have beautiful eyes. SO WHAT, however, if my eyelashes were like that .. there were almost non-existent. Some time later from my friend I got Nanolash eyelash serum. After a few weeks the friends noticed the effects of the application. It was great! My lashes weren’t thin and short anymore. Within two months I found that my mascara is no longer necessary me ”

Why is it worth waiting for the result?
The answer is simple but not so obvious to all; the effect obtained by the eyelash serum is among other things natural. It allows us to enjoy our own lashes, instead of glued artificial ones. We do not need to worry about the necessity of careful make-up, as in the case of eyelash extensions. We also do not need to improve the effect, because it is not associated with any procedure. Certainly, it’s worth devoting few minutes a day to apply the eyelash serum, in order to enjoy the wonderful effects in few weeks.

Soon I’m going to try the same serum so you will be able to read about its efficiency and real results on my blog.
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