Best Beauty Gifts for Your Mom, Wife or Girlfriend!

Ho ho ho!

Christmas is coming but you haven’t come up with the gift ideas yet?

Don’t worry!

Let me share some cool gift ideas for a beauty-product junkie. To be honest, I believe some of them work just for any woman: your mom, wife, fiancée, friend or a colleague. I guess there’s no woman who would not appreciate a new beauty item. 🙂

Without further ado, see my ideas for the best beauty gifts you can get in physical or online stores. You can still make it before Christmas!

I’ve put them into two groups: beauty products and beauty accessories. Both will make any woman happy!


1. Gel manicure set.

Gel mani is lovely, long-wear and easy to do at home… if we’ve got the suitable accessories. If you know a woman who has gel nails done at the salon and keeps complaining about the ruined budget, give her a gel mani kit! The basic set consists of LED lamp, primer, top coat, cleaner, acetone remover, lint-free wipes, wooden cuticle pusher, file, buffer and obviously a gel nail polish. Pricier kits have more nail polishes and some extras like accessories for nail art. This is a really great idea for a gift!

2. Good mascara which really boosts lash volume.

It’s hard to find a mascara which beautifully enhances the eyes and also lasts for the entire day. Women sometimes search for this perfect product for years. You can help them out. Your choice may turn out to be the long-searched ideal. Just remember to choose mascara that boasts good reviews, good components (ideally, enriched with conditioning substances) and a silicone-bristle brush (hypoallergenic and better-working).

3. One-size-fits-all argan oil.

It’s a treat for fans of multi-purpose beauty products. Argan oil makes a great present. Just don’t choose any oil! It must be 100% cold-pressed, unrefined and organic so it can be used on hair, body, face, nails and even lashes. Argan oil in an elegant packaging will surely make the endowed woman smile.

4. Breathtaking beeswax perfume.

A splendid discovery of recent months. Solid beeswax fragrance as a gift is a brilliant idea – it’s all-natural, smells lovely and lasts for long. Because it’s tiny-sized, your beloved one can carry it in her bag and easily get some lovely scent on her wrists anytime. Plus, this isn’t a super-popular cosmetic yet so you have a chance to surprise her!


5. Make-up organizer.

Make-up organizer is a top choice when speaking of beauty gifts that aren’t beauty products. Every woman who uses make-up will be happy with more space for her make-up goodies. Plus , make-up organizers have various colors, designs and sizes so you can match it your budget and the needs of the endowed.

6. Elegant mirror or smart mirror.

A mirror is another gift that will make a woman happy. Choose the one that she can put on the table and easily use it for applying make-up. There are plenty of mirrors to choose from. You can pick a smart mirror connected to a smartphone – it suits the lighting to the time of the day and analyzes the state of the skin on the basis of its appearance. Obviously, the more functions it features, the pricier it is.

7. Sonic face wash brush.

Deep face cleansing is a must. A sonic brush is one of the gadgets that come useful. This small thing is a great gift because it works wonders and helps care for the skin the right way. Many women wish to have it but it’s surely more expensive than a regular face sponge or brush.

Useful inspirations?

Hopefully, this post will help you make a perfect Christmas gift for women you wish to bestow.

Good luck!

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