Dry lips? FlashPatch® Hydrating Lip Gels help you kiss this problem goodbye!


Lip skin is exceptionally irritation-prone. Dry air, negative temperature, UV radiation, free radicals and many, many other have a negative impact on this part of our face. However, thanks to Hydrating Lip Gels by Flashpatch® you can make the lips well-conditioned easily. What is the effect to obtain?

Flashpatch® – For who?

Moisturising gel pads by Flashpatch® are recommended for all the people regardless of their age or skin type. Their task is to take care of skin, remove dead skin pads, smooth and restore the lost suppleness of lips. Therefore, if your lips get chapped during winter, react badly to some cosmetics or are dehydrated as a consequence of UV radiation action, then you should find Hydrating Lip Gels by Flashpatch® perfect. I think that they may be especially useful as a part of so-called banquet treatment, always when you need to boost your beauty overnight.

How does Flashpatch® work?

The pads moisturise and smooth lips. Additionally, they supply lips with many nourishing substances, accentuate their shape and make them bigger optically. I guess, all of you would agree with me that coating neat and well-conditioned lips is way easier. But coming back to the product, Hydrating Lip Gels by Flashpatch® contain natural substances, including green tea, peptides and vitamin B3. The task of these ingredients is to smooth fine lines that appeared around lip skin area, prevent pre-mature ageing, protect lips from free radicals and keep water in the inner skin layers.

How to apply Flashpatch® pads?

Before using Hydrating Lip Gels by Flashpatch® remove makeup and apply scrub to the lips. Thanks to these steps, ingredients of Flashpatch® will work more effectively. After that, delicately take a pad out and adjust it to your lips. Wait more or less 5 minutes, remove the pad and massage the residues of the cosmetic into lips. A short massage will accelerate absorption of nourishing substances, improve blood circulation and gift lips with a pretty colour.

What is your way of obtaining good-looking lips, Girls?

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