How to Care for Oily Skin? Tips Right for You!


If acne, blackheads and oily skin give you sleepless nights, you must read the post. You’ll find out how to maintain oily skin and not to let other imperfections appear.

Alcohol and talc? Definitely not!

Both alcohol and talc dry the skin. At first sight, the effects seem quite good. Sadly, these two ingredients can irritate the skin, trigger blackheads and disturb the protective skin barrier. Result? Deprived of the moisturising coat, your skin will produce more sebum whereas acne breakouts are intensified.


Yes, you’ve seen right. Even though oily skin produces lots of sebum, you must moisturise it anyway. In this way, you’ll control sebaceous glands and prevent acne breakouts. Use products enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and algae. Choose lightweight formulas that will let you apply foundation smoothly. Remember to gently tap a cream into the skin. Don’t pull, tear or scrunch your skin because you could cause damage.

Make Use of Blotting Papers and Powders

Go for mineral powders that won’t block skin pores; they will heal and condition your skin instead. The powders give matte effect, camouflage the imperfections and even the skin tone. Blotting papers absorb sebum excess and let you touch up your makeup. Just gently press them to the skin for instant shine-control and matte. Next, dust your nose with the powder and enjoy amazing looks.

Beauty Treatments

Cavitation peel facial, microdermabrasion or laser can help maintain your oily skin and treat acne. If you undergo a long treatment, your face will be smooth, healthy and clean again. Remember to avoid sunbathing and extra home treatments (e.g. scrubs) if you decide on beauty procedures. Always follow your aesthetician’s and dermatologist’s instructions.

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