Hygge for Hair – My Home SPA Recipe

Girls, each of us should find time for a bit of relaxation. It would be perfect if you could combine it with an effective beauty treatment. Nothing lifts woman’s mood more than knowing she is getting more BEAUTIFUL at this very moment.

Today I’ll share my ideas for chill-in and hair care with you. How to create home SPA?

1. Home SPA & Mood

Obviously, stress won’t make you beautiful. Even if you apply world’s most expensive hair mask. That’s why it’s most important to relax and clear your mind. Fragrance oils and candles, relaxing music are excellent. The blissful moment will surely let you work your stress off.

2. Hair Oil – Most Effective SPA

Oiling is the best you can do for your hair. An oil is like a beauty elixir that quickly strengthens and rebuilds your strands. It doesn’t only beautify but also repairs, taking care of hair, scalp and bulbs. The right choice of oils is the secret. I match them to my type of hair porosity. I don’t use one oil but a suitable blend of oils (e.g. Nanoil or Natura Siberica). Hair oils can be applied in different ways – to dry or damp hair, before or after washing. I like to cleanse my hair with a special shampoo to open cuticle scales. Next, I apply an oil, massaging the scalp. I leave it in for an hour or longer.

3. Hair Wash Also Matters

A good shampoo is among the most crucial things. The more herbs and plant extracts it contains, the better. It is worth investing in a natural shampoo that gently and effectively washes the hair and scalp. It is the shampoo’s main function. A balm, oil or conditioner is supposed to repair.

4. How Often Should You Treat Your Hair to Home SPA?

It’s up to you! Surely, we sometimes don’t have much time but I try to find at least one hour a week to apply the oil and forget about problems. Try it out!

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