Let’s Do The Cleaning! How I Keep My Make-Up Accessories Clean?

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You must have heard that washing make-up brushes and other accessories matters a lot. Do you know how to do it the right way? You’ll find out everything about you beauty bag cleaning routine in the article. Enjoy!

Make-Up Brushes

Cleaning them once a week is enough. You need a make-up remover, water with soap or antiseptic liquid for cosmetic accessories. Remember that products for cleaning brushes must be free from alcohol and other substances that could irritate your skin. How to clean brushes? Take a small bowl, fill it with water and washing liquid and put applicators in. They should be clean after a few hours. Put them on a paper towel and let them dry. Don’t use a blow-dryer to avoid damaging the bristles.

Make-Up Sponges

Wash them after every use, especially if your skin is problematic and sensitive. Wash sponges with SLS-free soap or other mild cleaning product for beauty tools. How to get a makeup sponge spotless? Rinse it with water and add a bit soap. Coloured cosmetics should dissolve and flow down with water. Next, rinse the sponge with water, squeeze the excess and let the sponge air-dry or use a blow-dryer.


Clean them after every plucking routine; use a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or a spray antiseptic. Make sure you scrub the inner part of the tweezers because most bacteria, leftovers of dead skin cells and brows settle there. Usually these types of cosmetic tools are made from high-quality metal so you don’t need to worry that water or alcohol will cause damage.

Eye Pencil Sharpener

It will be enough if you clean it once a week. Soak a swab in alcohol; remove all shavings and thoroughly wipe the inside of the tool. Remember to clean the blades where most bacteria settle. Don’t wash the sharpener with running water because the shavings would get stuck in the holes, blocking the blades.

What about you, girls? How do you keep your make-up brushes and accessories clean? 

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