Make-up brushes – The best ones for beginners, means what exactly?


So, you have decided to discover the world of make-up… okay, what a coincidence because I have some news about the most important gadgets no cosmetic bag should be short of. You can have cheap eyeshadows, powder, lipstick… but you can’t save on those! Do any of you know what I’m talking about? Obviously, I’m talking about make-up brushes, you guessed it! Indeed, a high-quality tool is half the battle, so today I will tell you how to choose the right ones without spending your entire savings. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need the entire set of several brushes, just a few of them is enough… what kind of brushes? Enjoy my post!

The first make-up brushes – what kind?

1. Flat tip for foundation – optional

I put it here, but to be true you can come by without it because it can be replaced by a beauty blender or your own fingers – there are no better tools than those. With your fingers, you feel the exact pressure on the skin and the ‘correct’ way you apply cosmetics to the face. You can buy a flat top brush if an application with any other techniques have not worked for you and you want to apply the foundation more professional way.

2. Large powder brush

Well, you need to apply the powder so large fluffy and soft powder brush is a must-have in your cosmetic bag. Choose a brush of high quality with thick bristle that will not fall out after the first wash. Synthetic brush with great quality has in its offer, e.g. Zoeva (famous 106), as for the good brush this one has a low price.

3. Blusher, bronzer, highlighter brush

Obviously, for each product, there is a separate brush, but I highly recommend it to you to start with a blusher brush – cut at an angle. Its unique shape will allow you to apply different types of products – using the pointy end, you can apply the highlighter. The other end is for the blusher and the with the side, which is the widest part – bronzer. It works, I checked it on multiple occasions 🙂 Such brush is no. 127 in Zoeva offer.

4. Eyebrows brush

You can’t live without it. It is best when on one side it is ended with a comb, then you can groom your eyebrows properly. The brush is necessary not only for the professional eyebrows make-up – it can also replace the eyeliner brush or a lip brush. If it’s angeled, you can outline the lips with no problem. The brush of this type is MAC 208 S. This brush can also help you apply eyeshadow to the lower eyelid.

5. Brush for eyeshadows and blending

Yes, as it turns out the flat part of the blending brush (its side to be precise) can help you with the application of eyeshadow. The top fluffy part is for blending. This type of brush has Zoeva, MAC, Hakuro – each one of those brands has blending brushes. The most affordable is by Hakuro.

6. Ball brush

Without it, you can’t apply the eyeshadow to the inner eye corner and avoid the big blob. The ball is precise and created for the small areas of the face. It will come handy also for lower eyelid make-up when you want to blend dark and bright colors.

That’s all. These 6 (or 5 if we do not count the flat top) brushes is the perfect set for the first make-up. They will allow you to create full make-up of face and eyes 🙂 It is better to get fewer brushes but invest in buying those of better quality than buying the whole set of poor quality.

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