My brightening treatment for radiant skin

The radiant complexion is smooth and bright. This is our holiday souvenir. Unfortunately, this state passes soon after we return to our everyday duties. Fortunately, an intensive brightening treatment will quickly restore the lost glow. Such therapy consists of a thorough cleansing, refreshing scrub, mask, serum, cream, and makeup. Here is a brightening treatment for a radiant complexion step by step.

Illuminating treatment for a radiant complexion

Step 1. Thorough cleansing for radiant skin

Everyday face cleansing – washing and make-up removal, should be done carefully because dust, sebum and cosmetic residues clog the pores and hinder night regeneration.

At-home brightening treatment is effective, but sometimes – in the case of poor skin form – it is better to precede it with a professional cosmetic treatment. I recommend a cavitation peeling, which involves cleansing the skin with ultrasound. The treatment allows you to get rid of dead skin cells and lighten the complexion. Bear in mind that you should not perform any other peels, even homemade ones, for a week. The treatment that not only opens but also closes the at-home treatment can be iontophoresis, which involves the introduction of nutrients into the skin through electric power.

Begin skin cleansing by removing the makeup from your eyes and lips and from the other parts of your face. Match the makeup remover to your skin type: the milk will work well for dry skin, and for oily and combination skin – go for oil-free liquids. You can choose a cleansing cosmetic with a low concentration of fruit acids that will dissolve keratinized epidermal cells, but do not use it to rub your eyes, because it can cause serious irritation.

Eye makeup removal requires patience; to wash the mascara and eyeshadows down, use a cotton pad soaked in the preparation. Gently but firmly press it against your eyelids and hold it until the colored cosmetics have dissolved. Absolutely do not rub your eyelids, because it will weaken the condition of your eyelashes, and it doesn’t speed up makeup removal.

You can use water while cleaning facial skin, but this is not necessary. If you choose the first option, you must purchase a cleansing cosmetic: gel or a mousse that will make the pores smaller and regulate the secretion of sebum in the case of oily and combination skin, or a moisturizing and nourishing cream for dry skin. However, if you prefer cleaning without the use of water, reach for milk or an oil-free liquid. After cleansing your face, always apply a toner that will restore the skin’s natural pH. This step is very important because it protects the skin from dryness and bacterial attack.

Step 2. Refreshing scrub for radiant skin 

The task of a scrub is to exfoliate dead skin cells which enhances the color of the skin. First of all, it allows getting rid of a layer of dead skin with a grayish color. Secondly, it will stimulate the blood circulation in the skin, which in turn will gain a healthy color. Mechanical scrubs are good for thicker, oily or combination skin, while dry skin tolerates enzyme peels better. The frequency of skin exfoliation depends on the type of skin: oily skin needs such treatment twice a week while dry skin – maximum once.

Step 3. Face mask for radiant skin 

It is best to apply a face mask twice a week, right after exfoliation because cleansed skin absorbs more valuable nutrients. The best solution are: moisturizing and regenerating masks that provide the skin with firmness and shine. When it comes to oily and combination skin, go for white clay-based masks – it balances sebum secretion, reduces the pores, and gently brightens the skin. However, dry skin will appreciate masks infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, plant oils and ceramides.

Step 4. A serum and a cream for radiant skin 

The best choice will be preparations with vitamin C content, which lightens the skin, protects it against free radicals, seals the vessels and stimulates the production of collagen. It is also worth purchasing vitamin A (it regenerates, smoothes the skin and lightens discolorations), vitamin D (evens out the skin surface and regulates the work of melanocytes) and ginseng, chestnut and ginkgo (stimulate circulation and seal blood vessels).

Step 5. Makeup for radiant skin 

The makeup that will enhance radiant complexion is the perfect finish to the brightening treatment. To do it, first apply a special primer to your face; it will fix the makeup and, contain light-reflective pigments or illuminants from mica or mother-of-pearl. Then, mask the imperfections: cover red spots with a green concealer, and dark circles under the eyes – with a yellow shade. The concealer will also allow you to hide deep wrinkles. For this purpose, a liquid concealer a tone lighter than the skin will work best. To put it on the bottom of the wrinkle, gently stretch it and tap the product. Then, apply a foundation or a BB/CC cream. At the end, you can highlight some parts of the face with a highlighter in powder or cream. For this purpose, apply it below the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye, on the chin and under the nose.

Do not confuse glowy, dewy skin with shiny skin, which is the result of excessive sebum secretion. To prevent it, use cosmetics that minimize oiliness, such as masks that inhibit the work of sebaceous glands, as well as creams and foundations with a light texture. In addition, always have blotting papers with you and use them to remove excess sebum before each makeup correction.

Have you tried such a brightening treatment? If so, were you satisfied with the results? Or maybe you have other ways for a radiant complexion. Let me know in the comments!

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