My HIT! Beeswax perfume. Why should you have it?

Hi there, beauties!

Today, I have something new for you. I came across it while browsing websites with natural cosmetics and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it. <3

The thing I talk about is beeswax perfume and let me tell you that it caught me by surprise with its form and action. But, first things first… 🙂

Perfume needs to have a great aroma, be convenient (so that you can take them with you anywhere) and should be long-lasting. As far as the first two criteria go, there’s no problem because most perfumes can meet them, but the long-lasting thing is a bit harder to procure. Usually, perfumes wear time is about an hour or two. I would want (and most of you too I presume) my fragrance to last much longer, even for an entire day.

You know what? Only beeswax perfume meets all three criteria!

What is beeswax perfume?

It’s time to introduce the cosmetic that made a revolution in my life. Obviously, it was a positive revolution and only in the fragrance department. 🙂

What is perfume in beeswax? It is exactly as the name indicates. It’s a beautiful mix of fragrances locked in beeswax. The difference between them and regular perfume is the texture because the beeswax perfume is creamy and placed in a small jar. At first, you may be surprised and say how could it even be called perfume. Well, it can be called this way because they smell insanely good and the fragrance is intense.

I came across beeswax perfume only recently because it’s not a popular product. Bigger brands seem to not be interested in such an innovative form and so in order to find this perfume, you need to turn to smaller companies.

How does beeswax perfume smell like?

If you think that perfume in beeswax smell bad, like a soap, regular wax of honey, you’ll be heavily mistaken. None of those options is true and you can go ahead and try beeswax perfume because it is great even for a very sensitive nose that tolerates only certain notes.

How does beeswax perfume smell like? However, you want them to! In fact, the aroma of this perfume depends on essential oil that is added to the beeswax. Melted beeswax is mixed with aromas – it can be one essential oil or a composition that will play on your skin in many different notes. That is why the multitude of options is surprising!

How to use beeswax perfume?

Beeswax perfume is used differently than regular perfume. There is no atomizer because the perfume is not liquid – you just need to take some of it on the fingertip and massage it in strategic places, such as wrists, bend of the elbow, behind the ears, neck, or cleavage. The wax melts due to the heat of the body and gives back its amazing aroma. It’s truly alluring!

I need to confess to something. Since I have beeswax perfume, I tend to open the jar and smell the perfume in the moments when I think really hard about something. Then I take some of the product on to my finger and massage it in the wrists. <3

Summary. Is it worth buying beeswax perfume?

I’m in love with beeswax perfume. It’s my discovery of the months or a year even! I’m so so happy that I came across this marvel because before them I had no idea that there is another form of perfume. The aromas locked in the beeswax are truly amazing and for several reasons.

Three reasons why everyone should try beeswax perfume:

  1. Alcohol used in regular perfume evaporates much faster so perfume tends to lose its scent pretty fast and can damage your clothes. When it comes to the beeswax there is no problem as such! The thick creamy formula is able to better hold the fragrance that stays on the skin for much longer.
  2. You don’t have to use much of the beeswax because just a bit of it spread on the skin releases a gamut of aromas. Even when the jar contains just 15g, which may seem as not much, believe me when I say that it will last you for months of daily usage.
  3. The creamy form and the use of beeswax in a small jar is a bull’s eye! I love how handy this product is and that you can practically put it in your pocket and take out at any given time. You don’t have to spray half of the room with it, so you can use it quite discreetly.

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