My way of obtaining smooth skin? Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% by The Ordinary


Smooth, firm and elastic – this is how every girl’s face should look like. However, if you happen to neglect your face a little bit, if you notice fine lines and discolorations then it’s high time you did something about that. My way of getting the face beautiful again is using Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% by The Ordinary.

Let’s exfoliate epidermis – That’s important for health and beauty

Why exposing skin to peelings regularly is so important? Well, such a treatment speeds up regeneration and development of new skin cells, smooths wrinkles, unclogs skin pores and highlights discolorations. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation, makes skin more firm and improves absorption of nourishing substances. The good news is that you can use various substances and cosmetic to carry out peeling procedure. For example, you can go for using ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboards (sugar, oat flakes, lemon, yoghurt), readymade products available at a drugstore’s (face masks, classic peelings) or specialistic devices (microdermabrasion of cavitation).

Here’s my way of having smooth face

Once in a while I like getting my face epidermis cells exfoliated with the use of professional cosmetics. One of my favourites is Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% by The Ordinary. It contains lactic acid and hyaluronic acid which are responsible for reducing visibility of wrinkles, lightening discolorations up, cleansing skin pores and evening minor scars out. Owning to this peeling, my skin becomes smooth, firm and moisturised. I also noticed that the cosmetics I apply daily penetrate skin much faster and work better than they used to. What’s more, acids included into The Ordinary product counteract bacteria multiplying, which significantly contributes to acne and various skin ailments.

How to use acid peeling by The Ordinary?

While treating your skin with any sort of cosmetic containing acid you need to be particularly careful. Firstly, just pick such concentration of an acid that will match your skin type. The higher it is, the better results will be obtained. On the other hand, you may expose yourself to more serious irritations. Secondly, if you have never used acids before, run an allergy test first and use the cosmetic stepwise, in the right quantity and regularly (it would be best if you apply the product every three weeks). Thirdly, while carrying out the procedure, bear in mind to use sunscreens. Skin treated with acids is exceptionally prone to irritations and the adverse action delivered by the sun. But what about Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% by The Ordinary? I used the product twice a week, in the evening, by applying it to my cleansed face skin. This cosmetic’s pH is 3,60, it’s alcohol-free, silicone-free and doesn’t contain any other substances that might cause irritations/allergies. It can be used for 12 months from opening.

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