Sensitive skin – Characteristic, care, cosmetics


Sensitive skin requires special care. It is subjected to numerous external factors and can suddenly react very badly to the cosmetic you used for a long time. If it describes your skin, you have to check out how to take care of the sensitive skin and what type of cosmetics to use.

What makes sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is demanding when it comes to caring. It is prone to overreaction to various factors which may result in redness, swelling, pimples, flaking, dryness, itching, prickling or tightening sensation. Sensitive skin may be accompanied by atopic eczema, acne, or allergy.

Sensitive skin can be irritated by:

  • change of cosmetics or washing products,
  • change of water or chlorine in the water,
  • sudden weather and temperature change,
  • sun radiation,
  • stress,
  • sweat,
  • some foods,
  • hormonal fluctuations.

How to take care of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin should be gently cleansed and moisturized on a regular basis. During the cleanse make sure to remove excess sebum, makeup, dead skin cells, and other impurities. You can use an enzymatic gentle exfoliator or a creamy makeup removal. For the skincare, it is not recommended to go for a sponge, a washcloth or deeply cleansing cosmetics. These can cause irritations and contribute to some of the dermatological afflictions and diseases.

Cosmetics for sensitive skin should contain:

  • silicone, cosmetic butter, and oil, which repair natural lipid barrier,
  • glycerine, known to retain water in the deeper skin layers,
  • vitamin E and panthenol, which regenerate and soothe the epidermis,
  • zinc, that supports acne elimination.

Before purchase, you should consider asking a shop assistant for help or just closely read the ingredients list. That is how you can compose the perfect set of cosmetics for sensitive skin.

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