Top hair oil treatment mistakes. I used to make them too!

You can make use of the time you spend at home in a clever way, for example to do some beauty treatments. One of the coolest hair treatments uses natural oils. How to do it error-free? It turns out that this simple home hair mask causes quite a few problems. That is why I decided to tell you what NOT TO DO while applying hair oils. Sit back and read about the most popular hair oil treatment mistakes!

1. Applying oil to unwashed hair and scalp

I know that one of methods says you can apply oil to dry hair but it must be clean hair! If you used a hairspray, mousse, gel to create a fancy style a day before, then surely the products built up on the hair. Consequently your hair oil is unable to get through this crust so your oil treatment will give lame results. It’s better to wash hair and get rid of sebum, dust and toxins, and then move on to applying oil to damp, absorbent, towel-dried hair.

2. Applying too much oil

Too bad it happens too often. It’s a common problem particularly among beginners. Unfortunately every other woman applies too big amount of hair oil. Believe it or not, approx 5 ml, or one tablespoon is enough to cover shoulder-length hair. Seriously, you don’t need more.

Ideally start spreading the oil on the scalp and gradually move on to hair lengths. Next, get a wide-tooth comb and brush through hair – you will evenly distribute the oil from the roots to the ends. And you leave the oil in for 30 minutes or longer, depending on your schedule.

3. Bad oil choice

You need to match an oil to your hair type, or, to be more precise, to its porosity. There are three types of hair porosity: low, medium, high so your hair has one of them.

To make it easier, do a hair porosity test (online) and find out what your type is. I did a test on Nanoil site. I like to shop there because they have amazing hair oils and blends customized to hair porosity types. Why don’t you see it for yourself? Check nanoil.us for the best oils for your hair type.

4. Washing oil out all wrong

Let me guess. You wash oil out using a shampoo, even twice in a row but then your hair looks greasy anyway? This is a common mistake. Oil particles like to build up on strands and you can’t remove them with water and mild shampoo yet I don’t want you to use comedogenic SLS shampoos either.

I want to share a trick that I always use: before shampooing, when your hair is still covered with oil, apply a hair mask or conditioner for just a moment. Next rinse the hair and use a shampoo. This simple hack lets you get rid of grease so that your hair looks its best after a wash. You must test it!

Nearly every hair-oil user makes these 4 mistakes that make hair oil treatment pointless. Remember to avoid them and to choose only quality, cold-pressed, unrefined and certified oils!

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