What cream to use under the makeup? Choose the most suitable one!


If you want your makeup to look perfect, you must apply an appropriate cream first. Thanks to this product, the foundation will last longer on the skin and the face will gain a young and beautiful look. Read today’s post and you will be able to determine which type of cream will be best for you. 

Moisturising cream

This product is mainly recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. It has moisturising, soothing and protecting effects. It works best in the winter because then, the complexion is exposed to irritations. If you use a moisturising cream as a makeup primer, you will be sure that no dry patches will appear on your face and that the foundation will look nice and smooth. What’s more, the moisturising cream can be matched to the season of the year. In the winter, go for a rich composition and thick formula whereas a light cream with UV filter will be suitable for the summer months.

Mattifying cream

It will be most beneficial for combination and oily skin type. A mattifying cream contains ingredients that regulate sebum secretion, regulate the work of sebaceous glands, refresh the skin and ease acne. It is essential that the mattifying cream had a light formula, it should moisturise and it cannot clog pores. This way it will not overburden the complexion but it will prolong the foundation wear.

Brightening and smoothing cream 

That’s the best choice for women whose complexion is dull, lacks vitality, and shows the signs of fatigue and ageing. Brightening and smoothing cream makes the face radiant-looking, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles, firms and rejuvenates the skin. In addition, thanks to such a product, the final look will be more natural and flawless.

BB cream 

Instead of a cream and a foundation, some girls prefer using a BB cream. Such a cosmetic will work well if you have discolourations, blemishes, dark under-eye circles. It has moisturising, nourishing and covering properties. A single layer of a BB cream is enough to ensure a natural look and camouflage any imperfections.

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