Do You Still Believe These Hair Care Myths?

You can hear lots of hair-related stories and probably wonder which ones are real. There are lots weird tips that leave you feel confused. Forget them once and for all. Check out hair care myths that most women believe in. Check what’s real and what’s not when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and envious-looking!

How to rescue split hair ends?

Too bad it’s impossible! All you need is scissors and an experienced hairdresser who knows the ideal length to cut so that the ends stop splitting further. Shockingly, many of you still (wrongly) believe it’s possible to repair split dry hair tips. I’m sorry, ladies. Having them trimmed is best you can do.

Does your hair get used to a shampoo?

Your pet gets used to a new place but your hair won’t ever get used to products. A particular product gives specific effect and aims at fighting specific problem – after longer use, the goal is achieved so hair no longer needs it. E.g. a shampoo for greasy hair turned your oily strands into normal hair. As a result, you no longer need this very shampoo so choose the one that answers current needs of your hairdo and scalp.

You cut off ends and think hair’s going to grow more quickly

How would that be even possible? 🙂 There is a popular belief that trimming hair ends accelerates hair growth. It is not at all true as hair grows at the roots, not the ends. You’ll boost growth by using scalp treatments and ampules.

Dry shampoo is safe

If you use it reasonably, nothing bad is going to happen. On the other hand, if you apply it daily, wrongly and in huge amounts, you’ll end up with problems. White residue on hair surface looks like dandruff; to make things worse, hair gets stiff and looks dull. Dry shampoo overuse leads to extremely dry scalp and hair. This consequently may trigger excessive oil production – skin defends itself by producing more sebum.

Hair is not like the Hydra

One chopped off gray hair is replaced by a few new ones. If you also believe that, you must be avoiding hair salons like the plague… Just be aware that one hair grows out of one follicle, no matter what color your hair is.

Frequent washing equals greasy hair

It’s yet another myth. You must wash your hair as often as it needs it. Even if this means daily washing. Overwashing isn’t the only cause of oiliness; it may be caused by other things such as diseases, wrong hair care, pollution, over-processing, etc.

Silicones worsen condition of hair

Only if you overuse them. Generally, silicones make hair look better by leaving it smoother and shinier. They aim at taming unruly flyaways. However, to get desired look, you must match silicones to suit your hair type first.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Not always! It depends on how damaged your hair is and what kind of clarifying shampoo you use (or don’t use). A two-times wash is a good idea if your scalp is overly oily, you need to clear away layers of silicones or styling primers, you suffer from a scalp condition or your skin doctor advised you to follow the shampoo-twice technique.

You got your period? Don’t get your hair colored!

Period is not a serious disease and it doesn’t require any changes in your hair care habits. A hair dye doesn’t affect your monthly period in any way. However, hormones affect the production of sebum, your body is more sensitive so it’s easier to end up with overly dry scalp and hair.

My hair’s going to be this voluminous forever!

Too bad, it isn’t. The condition of hair changes with the passage of time, due to hormonal changes and many other factors. Similarly to whole human body, hair ages and is affected by passing time and subsequent unwanted changes… Hair gets gray and thin so do your best to keep it healthy as long as possible.

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