How did I make my eyebrows full-looking? Nanobrow eyebrow serum review

Hello there!

A few days ago one of you asked me whether I had had permanent eyebrow makeup done. The answer is: No. So why are my brows so thick, dark and enhanced? This is what I’m going to tell you about today 🙂

Let’s start from the beginning…

How did my eyebrows look like 2 months ago?

I’m sure that a few weeks ago nobody would ask me if I’d undergone some brow enhancing treatment (i.e. permanent makeup, micropigmentation). Heh, I think that I may have tried to bum some discounts from lingerists – perhaps, they would give me some discount pityingly 😀 In general, my eyebrows used to be rather weak, thin and definitely far from being described as bushy. I guess, my eyebrows wanted to remain in the ’90 when thin and narrow brows were trendy.

Every day I would use a brow pencil to gift my eyebrows with the right shape, fill in the gaps and blend it all to achieve the natural-looking effect.

Yes, it was troublesome as hell!

My revelation: Nanobrow eyebrow serum

I started looking for something that would help me regenerate and reinforce the sad brows of mine. A reliable and highly effective product was what I wanted to get, therefore I started reading some reviews. And this is how I came across Nanobrow.

At the beginning I was rather skeptical because – as you perfectly know this – sometimes the effects described in the leaflet don’t correspond to the actual results.

What was the first information on Nanobrow that I found?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is an advanced serum to condition and beautify eyebrows. It works on the entire eyebrow length: from the follicles to the tip of each brow hair. A blend of the finest ingredients composes Nanobrow, and they penetrate skin to affect eyebrows from the inside. Nanobrow contains, for example, soy and wheat sprout extracts, pro-vitamin of B5, ginseng extract, arginine and baicalein (Baikal skullcap root extract). Such a rich composition of Nanobrow guarantee 2x more eyebrow volume in just 30 days – when used regularly, the serum shapes the brow hairs which means that it ensures intensified color, boosts shine and adds more body to eyebrows. Owing to the nourishing substances, eyebrows restore their natural beauty, stop thinning and grow faster.

I bought the serum and started using it regularly every day. The application of Nanobrow is really simple – once you remove makeup in the evening, apply the serum to both eyebrows using a handy applicator.

My eyebrow treatment with Nanobrow: Impression & Effects

Throughout the entire first week I noticed literally zero improvement – none. I thought that it was just another scam product. Now I know that the serum was working… but in the follicles 🙂

I could notice the difference in the look of my eyebrows in the following weeks!


My eyebrows started getting darker which had already given me the effect of more bushy eyebrows. I also noticed that there were fewer hairs that I lose throughout a day, which obviously contributed to the brow thickening effect. Generally, it took me two weeks to spot my eyebrows becoming more enhanced, more shiny and prettier.


I noticed the first baby eyebrows (should I even call them this way?). The new tiny hairs started growing in the places that had remained bald for really long. My entire brow ridge became visibly thicker so I could finally leave home without applying eyebrow makeup.


This is the week when I noticed that my eyebrows became bushy, dark, full of shine and elastic. For the first time I could remove some hair to shape the eyebrows the way I wanted them to have. I hadn’t been doing this for long because my brows were too thin. It was Nanobrow that opened up this possibility for me.

Today my eyebrows are truly remarkable and gorgeous <3

Nanobrow eyebrow serum review: Summary

I keep applying the serum regularly, every day, at bedtime. I’ve been using Nanobrow for over two months now and I can’t say that I’m about to run out of the serum any time soon. This means that Nanobrow appears to be fairly efficient. Of course, this means that Nanobrow helps you enhance and beautify your look for really long – it extends the lifespan of the achieved effects.

Where did I buy my Nanobrow? On the official Nanobrow site- nanobrow.co.uk. I guess this is the most reliable source of getting genuine Nanobrow eyebrow serum.

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