I Never Go Out Without These Beauty Products

Hi, girls!

There’s no way I will leave the house without some beauty products. Similarly to every real woman, I always take a few make-up essentials wherever I go. I put them in a beauty case and know I’ll look beautiful all day long.


Perfect for my combination skin. They take off sebum, sweat and excess of foundation that looks awful on face. I always buy the cheapest ones and don’t have a favorite brand. All types of blotting papers work for me. I gently press them to cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then I powder the face. Effect? Brand new make-up! If you’ve forgotten or run out of blotting papers, use a tissue instead.


Moisturising or protecting, colorless. Another cosmetic I can’t go out without. I sometimes take vaseline or a small cream instead. The products work great in every emergency situation. I apply them to lips and hand, sometimes to face skin. They let me protect skin on hot or frosty days. When I buy a lipstick or cream, I always pay attention to the ingredients. They must be natural and safe for the lips. Carmex lipstick fulfills these conditions.


I always have a small atomizer bottle in my bag. When I finish work and run for meeting with friends, perfume comes useful. I also take a mini version of my favorite Dior J’adore Injoy on a trip or holidays. I prefer fragrant mists in summer, though. I bet you know that the combination of alcohol and the sunlight makes the skin dry and leads to discolorations.


My beauty bag houses Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (shade Pêche Clair). The cosmetic delivers an incredible matte and coverage. The powder comes with a puff which is great as I don’t need any extra accessories. Too bad there’s no mirror but I always have it in my case.

What are must-have products in your beauty bag? 

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