Moisturising water mist Prep + Prime Fix+ by MAC Cosmetics. Must-have of every girl


How to provide your skin with ultra-light moisturisation? It’s super easy! Just use water mist by MAC Cosmetics. It doesn’t only smell good but also takes care of skin and works perfect as a make-up base. What do you have to know before giving a go to the product?

The line of water mists by MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics offers four water mists designed to replenish face skin with moisture, where three of them are in their limited edition. These are water mists of natural fragrance as well as lavender, rose and coconut aromas. All of them serve the same purpose despite having different colours. Prep + Prime Fix+ soothe, moisturise, smooth and highlight skin. MAC Cosmetics are super fast to penetrate skin and supply it with various minerals and vitamins. Moreover, they fix make-up and bring out the shades of applied cosmetics.

How to use Prep + Prime Fix+ water mist?

All the water mists by MAC Cosmetics that belong to Prep + Prime Fix+ are closed in glass bottles featuring a peculiar applicator. The cap has to be twisted and pressed. Face has to be sprayed with the product by keeping the cosmetic in 15 cm distance from the skin. Of course, the bottle must be held vertically. Basically, you can also soak a cotton pad with the water mist and wipe your face with it. One bottle stores 100 ml of the cosmetic, which lasts really long.

Before you the water mist…

Just follow the same steps as if you were using any other moisturising cosmetic. Apply it to cleansed skin and wait a while before putting on the remaining face care products. You can help the product penetrate skin faster by giving your face delicate massage. Such a procedure will stimulate blood circulation and make your face skin more firm. Moreover, remember to match a water mist with your face type, and this rule applies to any product you use, not only to Prep + Prime Fix+ by MAC Cosmetics. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you treat the face in the right way.

Do you use water mists? If yes, which ones? I’m waiting for your comments.

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