Skin exfoliating. Discover the best ways of removing dead skin cells


Skin exfoliation is a treatment often used in cosmetics and dermatology. It provides the skin with immediate and amazing effects. Check out how to properly exfoliate the skin and which cosmetics to use.

Peeling – advantages and contraindications

The procedure of skin exfoliation is suitable for everyone. It is recommended for those, who struggle with acne, the first signs of ageing, post-sun discolourations, and other skin imperfections. You can use the scrub on all parts of the body. However, the main contraindications for this procedures are: herpes, inflammation of the skin as well as viral, fungal and bacterial infection, and rosacea.

Homemade methods of skin exfoliation 

Most women decide to undergo skin exfoliation procedures in beauty salons and some prefer to use ready-made products at home. Peeling with handmade cosmetics will also provide good results. Oatmeal mixed with a tablespoon of honey, lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil have very good abrasive and nutritional properties. Ground coffee beans exfoliate the skin, firms the body and is supposedly helpful in reducing cellulite and stretch marks. The orange scrub made of corn flour and orange juice has brightening, refreshing and cleansing effects.

Exfoliating creams 

Apart from homemade or drugstore scrubs, it is also worth using cosmetics that support exfoliation of the epidermis. These kinds of products have abrasive particles or ointments with allantoin. The latter component not only removes dead epidermal cells, it also has a regenerating, moisturising and soothing effect. Some cosmetics additionally have a firming effect and reduce wrinkles. Others will greatly remove thick epidermis on elbows, heels and knees.

And what is your way to exfoliate the skin, girls?

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