Tołpa® dermo face, idealic. Long-awaited REVIEW!


I’m returning after a month and a half (I know, I promised to do this a little bit earlier) with a review on idealic by tołpa® dermo face. You sent me many messages asking for reviewing the series and you just couldn’t wait any longer to learn my opinion about it. Please, accept my sincere apologies connected with the delay but this wasn’t really up to me. Anyway, thank you for being patient! <3 And of course let me invite you to read this long-awaited review.

All the creams by tołpa® (let me remind you the components of the set: beautifying BB cream, beautifying CC cream, regenerating cream) are closed in similar packaging. Aluminium, stiff and cool tubes of the same capacity – 40ml. I appreciate this kind of packaging especially that the brand itself emphasizes its importance by saying: ‘The most important thing for us is effectiveness. That’s why we chose aluminium tubes for our creams to preserve their properties for longer.’ Such well-justified, eco-friendly and convenient solutions deserve recognition!

How does my personal ranking of tołpa® dermo face idealic look like? To me, all the products are just great. I truly recommend them to all of you whose skin is very sensitive and imperfection-prone (just like mine!). First and foremost, these are hypoallergic formulas, made entirely of natural substances, have great consistency and deliver gentle action combined with high efficiency. I guess, this speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Ok, let’s move forward to the details.

My number one is the beautifying regenerative night cream <3. I love it for being able to improve look of my complexion overnight. Always dehydrated, fatigued and dull face of mine has managed to win softness and radiance. I could notice a significant and surprising change within a few days. How good it is to wake up in the morning with well-rested face skin. Moreover, the gel-and-cream consistency eases application, the cream is fast to be absorbed by skin, and the pleasant fragrance stays long on face.

Another product, beautifying CC cream, also passed the test. It has beige shade that blends with skin and doesn’t create blemishing lines on the jawbone line. What can be said about this product? To me, it evens skin tone perfectly (similarly to a very light foundation) and camouflages minor skin imperfections. Sadly, it isn’t able to hide the more serious blemishes but after all it’s not a concealer but skin evening cream. It fulfils this task well. Similar action is delivered by light BB cream – a moisturising day cream with delicate pigments.

Last but not least, a few words concerning beautifying face mask by tołpa®. Generally speaking, I like face masks offered by tołpa® and I notice myself buying them more and more willingly. The one which belongs to idealic dermo face series is exceptionally good because it is lightweight, it leaves my face skin fresh, reduces visibility of skin pores and delicately exfoliates dead epidermis cells.

To sum up, there is nothing I could niggle over. GO AHEAD AND GET THEM! <3

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