Dream Complexion. You will get it by following these tricks!


Each one of us would like her complexion to be flawless. Unfortunately, most of us can keep dreaming on. Many must face skin imperfections and problems with dermis. Luckily, there are easy methods thanks to which you can take care of face skin and start looking really stunning.


This is the most important stage of face skin care. You should cleanse your skin every morning using a tonic and repeat the procedure in the evening, also including precise make-up removal. Once a week, you should apply a face scrub and face mask. Precise face cleansing depends on applying gels, lotions or emulsions. Thanks to these products, you can wipe off colour cosmetics, remove dead epidermis cells and other impurities that gathered on your skin’s surface throughout a day. Once again, don’t forget to use a face tonic. This cosmetic is able to restore proper pH level to skin. Also, it provides protection, moisturisation and nourishment.


No matter of its form (mechanical or chemical), face scrub should be applied once or twice a week. Thanks to this procedure, you’re going to remove dead epidermis cells, highlight discolorations, reduce visibility of wrinkles, make skin more supple and improve blood circulation. It’s suggested using fine-grained mechanical scrubs to treat combination, oily or normal skin types. When it comes to sensitive, capillary or acne-prone skin types, it’s better to treat them with enzymatic scrubs. If you keep applying face scrubs on the regular basis, you will help the dermis absorb nourishing substances better and faster.


Day cream should protect complexion from external factors, replenish skin with water and nourish. Night cream, in turn, should be characterized by more rich formula that provides face skin with regeneration. A good solution is also delivered by serums and other intensive treatments. Apply cosmetics that can replace make-up bases. Moreover, right after exfoliating dead epidermis cells, it’s advised to apply either cleansing or moisturising mask and then follow either with soothing or nourishing cream.

How do you girls fulfill your dreams concerning beautiful and healthy complexion?

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