How to Care for Vascular Skin in Summer? Protection & Camouflage

Hi, girls!

Broken capillaries, redness… the problems girls with vascular skin must deal with. They bother even more in summer. High temps enlarge spider veins. Luckily, there’s a cure. Read on to find out.


Use products that strengthen and shrink blood vessels every day. The best ones contain vitamin C, arnica, myrtle, chestnut, ginkgo or witch-hazel. These natural substances work slowly yet effectively. If you don’t feel like waiting, try out chemist products. Ask a dermatologist or pharmacist about good cosmetics. Don’t use products with alcohol, menthol, mint, fruit acids and eucalyptus. Grain scrubs and chlorinated water also trigger irritations.


Remember about high sunscreens in summer. SPF 50 ensures the best protection. Make sure the cosmetic includes UVA and UVB filters. Why is the sunlight harmful to the vascular skin? High temps make blood vessels dilate and constrict quickly. Consequently, so-called spider veins appear on face. A hot bath or sauna will bring the same results.


Use lightweight concealers with green pigments. The color contrasts red spider veins so it delivers full coverage. BB cream is another great solution. Choose the one that moisturises and soothes skin. While applying makeup, use a translucent powder that matches skin tone. Green creams and supplements reinforcing blood vessels will come in useful.

Do you know how to care for vascular skin? 

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