How to Fight Wrinkles? Treatments, Cosmetics & Easy Ways to Enjoy Young Face Skin

Hi, ladies!

Today, I’m sharing some walk-in-the-park ways to keep youthful looks longer. Even though I don’t have wrinkles yet I use some of the tricks. If you also want to prevent wrinkles, try out my beauty hacks.

Drink at least two liters of water per day

As it’s said – water gives life. It’s the best remedy for dry skin and wrinkles. If you provide your body with the right amount of the precious liquid, you enhance the production of collagen and elastin. What’s more, pigmentation spots are brighter, bags under eyes disappear, the skin is firmer and bouncier. For even better effects of the ‘watery’ treatment, condition skin with moisturising products.

Do an exfoliating scrub three times a week

When you do a scrub, you smooth wrinkles, firm skin up and brighten discolorations. Use drugstore cosmetics with natural ingredients or homemade products for exfoliating dead skin cells. Make use of sugar, salt or coffee grounds. Add honey, yogurt, aloe gel, liquid vitamin E or other ingredients from the kitchen or garden.

Use moisturising masks

Apply them right after the scrub. Clean skin absorbs substances faster and better. For enhanced results, put the mask into the fridge for a few minutes. The cooled product will tighten the skin, reduce swellings and dark circles under eyes. Instead of ready-made masks, you can take some products from the fridge – yogurt, cucumbers and honey are excellent for face skin hydration.

Change your diet

I don’t mean water only. I mean some huge changes. Throw away sugar, fats, carbohydrates and all products triggering acne, wrinkles or putting on weight. Enrich every meal with fresh fruit and vegetables. Replace white bread with dark bread; instead of coffee and black tea, go for herbal infusions. Eat homemade food with natural ingredients instead of salty snacks and fast food. Effects guaranteed!

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