How to take care of oily skin – 4 simple rules of healthy skin

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Oily skin equals constant shine, widen pores, sebum, vanishing make-up, often pimples, and blackheads that occur also for the mature skin. Many people claim that this type of skin is purely genes and hormones while that is not exactly the whole truth. Read all about how the beauty of your skin depends on proper skincare and meet the 3 most common mistakes that sadly contribute to worsening your skin condition.

Oily skin and its huge advantage!

Did you know that oily skin has a certain advantage over others? The shine doesn’t make you look better, true, but at the same time, the sebum layer perfectly protects it against damages and the unfavorable impact of external factors. This fact makes oily skin be in better condition than others though it may not look as such.

Moreover, this skin type ages slower and is covered with wrinkles way later in time than the rest. Feeling better? Now let’s check what are those mistakes in oily skin care that you should stay away from.

4 rules of oily skin – check out how to take care of it

1. Do not dry the oily skin

Contrary to what you might think, it will not balance it and it won’t inhibit oversecretion. When using dryness causing cosmetics for oily skin you can actually make it more ‘mad’ – the skin will rebel in the face of fear against the dryness and begins to work overtime to produce even more sebum. Instead of dry skin, you’ll have more sebum than when you started.

Also, keep in mind that cosmetics of this type even if they help with the elimination of bacteria (gathering on the skin surface) it won’t do it for free so you’ll need to face the consequences. Cosmetics for skincare often damage the hydrolipid layer of your skin.

2. Quit soap and alcohol in your cosmetics

Soaps have awful pH and are not a good option for any type of skin. Remember that with oversecretion and acne your skin can often be hypersensitive. The soap will only make things worse so instead choose cleansing enzymatic powder.

3. Remember about regular exfoliation

You need to know that if you have oily skin, natural processes of your skin don’t work as they should and it needs a bit of help. The exfoliator is the base for skincare of oily skin and it needs to be matched with your skin type. When it comes to oily skin, the best choice is scrub but only if your skin is not prone to irritation because then you should choose enzymatic exfoliator instead. The enzymatic exfoliator is less invasive and doesn’t require rubbing. Oily skin likes consistency so be regular and use the exfoliator 2-3 times a week.

4. Neglecting hydration and nourishment

Obviously, thinking that oily skin doesn’t need hydration is wrong! Darlings, EVERY skin type, including oily one, requires hydration and nourishment. It is time to change this notion and introduce your beauty routine to moisturizing ritual. Take a good hyaluronic acid with small particles, e.g. in the form of a serum. Thanks to the light-weight moisturizing serum you will avoid clogging the pores. A high-quality serum with hyaluronic acid will not contain things such as silicones, paraffine, or oils (some of them are not suitable for oily skin).

I hope that those 4 rules shed new light on your skincare routine.

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